Eating and Nutrition at O

Food is medicine, as Hippocrates already said. Therefore, nutrition is one of the six pillars of health. Many people have deficits in essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Whole foods are the best way of supplying your body with these, since they come in the right combination as nature has provided them like that.

You often hear people say: You are what you eat. That is only partially true, since you also have to digest, absorb and metabolize nutrients. If in any of these steps something is off, your body will not receive what it needs, regardless of how healthy you eat.

We work with our clients on improving all of these steps and providing them with the right nutrition plan to improve a heathy living.

At O, we know the importance of drinking good water. That is why we provide our guests with the best water we could find. It is filtered so that more than 99% of impurities are removed. Afterwards, it is vitalized with crystals and ionized so that it will also take away impurities in your body.

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