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Villa o Aura Cleanse

Biofeedback measures the frequencies of substances (cells, organs, organ systems…) within the body. Trough the information gained, we can get a better insight into our bodies’ needs, dysfunctions and weaknesses. Afterwards, it helps these energetic imbalances back into general health and mental well-being. The device measures approximately 12.000 frequencies of the body in only 4 minutes. The data that is released afterwards provides insight into the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance of your body. It also provides insight into its unconscious energetic processes. The system is completely safe and non-intrusive. It works in two ways: measurement and treatment. In this way, the individual risks in the complex coherence of factors that determine our health can be identified and treated at an early stage.

Villa o Aura Cleanse

Application spectrum (from the manufacturer):

• General balancing of body and mind

• Stimulation of general health and wellbeing

• Rejuvenation and prevention

• Immune system support

• Detoxification

• Detection and reduction of physical and mental stress

• Training of muscle weakness, strengthening and rehabilitation of the muscles after an injury

• Pain relief

• Detection and prevention of disease risk factors

• Mental causes of illness

• Sleep disturbances

• Emotional and mental factors

• Restore self-confidence

• Overall body check

• Depression

• Stress reduction

• Allergic reactions

• Headaches and migraines

• Back problems

• Environmental pollution and exposure

• and much more…

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90€ per 1 hour session

150€ per 2 hours session

400€ for 5 times 1 hour sessions

650€ for 5 times 2 hours sessions

Home visits possible (Lux): Please contact us for rates

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