According to shamanic traditions, healing is not an intervention but a journey. It is circular, continuous and leads to growth, from within outwards.

This is why the shamanic healing process is based on the medicine wheel. It takes you on a dynamic journey through the 4 wind directions. Every direction has its own level of action.


- The physical level -

From energy drain to source of power.

Our body has a self-healing ability. Often, we ourselves are the ones preventing this. In the South, we get rid of our blockages and let energy run freely again in order for our bodies to receive the right energetic information. This way, we learn to turn our wounds and traumas into sources of power.


- The mental / emotional level -

From the past into the present.

In the West, we free ourselves from everything that doesn't belong in our world. We get rid of energies and beliefs that got stuck and erase our affinities for them. The world becomes a much friendlier place after this. We are able to see the good around us and free ourselves from fear.


- The level of the soul -

From division into oneness.

In the North, we retrieve those parts that are ours and belong with us but were hidden or forgotten. We return to our original and complete self and integrate with our restored life energy. We learn to rephrase limiting beliefs into a manifesting harmony.


- The spiritual level -

From faith into destiny.

In the East, we shift our path from probability (faith) towards possibility (destiny). We learn how to create our reality based on our becoming instead of our past.

Contemporary Shamanism

Shamanism is as old as humanity itself. All across the world, we can find local versions of shamanism. All of these show great similarities though.

In our contemporary society, however, we are far removed from the way of life of indigenous civilizations. Because of our environment, our foods, our jobs and technologies around us, the original approaches alone are no longer sufficient.

In contemporary shamanism, we therefore bridge age-old techniques with modern science. In this way we can restore in a natural way in function of a desired future.


It is a deep and powerful but gentle way to erase unhealthy emotions, traumas and painful memories from your energetic field so that we can return to oneness in life.

We work in individual or group sessions. Sessions from a distance are also possible.

Shamanic Energy Medicine can perfectly complement existing medical and psychological therapies. However, it is not meant to be a replacement. Read more...

In a shamanic session, we work in protected environment. This way, the shamanic pratitioner is able to give the best energetic support to the transition.




Chakra balancing and cleansing

Intruisive energy and entity extraction

Illumination process



Detoxing physical and mental toxins

Nutritional coaching

Holistic lifestyle coaching



Soul retrieval

Destiny retrieval

Transforming limiting beliefs



Meditation coaching

Home & space clearing

Death rites


Villa O

Energy Healing

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